🧬  Genetic testing included

Start feeling better today.
Your DNA can help.

Get the best possible online anxiety & depression care from the comfort of home. Our expert providers and genetic testing improve your mental health in as little as 6 weeks.

Get a better prescription with a DNA test

90% of people have genetic variants doctors can use to improve care.

Fewer drug side effects

Your DNA determines how your body metabolizes medication. By looking at 12 distinct genetic markers, we can reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions like weight gain, nausea and loss of libido.

Faster recovery time

Genetic testing improves medication decisions and reduces the trial-and-error of trying one med after another. Find the right prescription faster so you can start feeling better.

Better outcomes overall

It's no surprise that with fewer medication side effects and faster recovery times, people feel happier and healthier, often within just 6 weeks of starting treatment.

Learn about pharmacogenomic testing

Start with a genetic test.
Continue with great care.

Our mental health professionals support you on your road to recovery.

Our Plan

Get effective care for
your mental health.

Our treatment for anxiety and depression is available for a flat, monthly out-of-pocket fee. The price you see covers all medical care and genetic testing. Medication copay applies.

Currently available in California

First Month


for the first month
  • Genetic testing
  • Psychiatrist diagnosis
  • Personal treatment plan
  • Unlimited texting support

Ongoing Months


billed monthly
  • Online psychiatrist visits
  • Unlimited texting support
  • Meds delivered monthly
  • Monthly progress tracking
  • Cancel anytime

Here's what our members are saying

My care team has gone far and beyond any traditional doctor that I had seen in person! They have helped me begin the path to healing that I so desperately needed.

Andrew F.
Oct 2020

I've been tossed whatever the medication of the month was for 10 years. Within days of switching my medication guided by genetic testing, my anxiety decreased significantly!

Angela M.
Jan 2021

I love love love prairie health!! I found the medication that works best for my body, I have a psychiatrist who actually cares and a care partner who helps me with my goals.

Melissa T.
Sep 2020

Trusting your mental health with a new healthcare service can be pretty stressful. Praire Health has been a smooth transition and the team is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Mary G.
Dec 2020

Rated 4.95/5 by members who have gone through Prairie's care program

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