Why do mental health meds affect people differently?

There is always some trial and error involved in finding the right medication for you. As of now, there’s no magic formula that will take information about you and predict exactly what medications and dosages will work well for you. Still, understanding why medications affect people differently can help the process feel less mysterious.

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What happens to a medication once it’s in my body?

Knowing how your body processes mental health medication can be helpful in understanding your own medication regimen. It can help you feel a sense of control over your treatment and feel more comfortable with taking medication. Let’s take a look at what happens to a medication once it enters your body.

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What You Should Know About Taking Antidepressants

Many people believe that the process of taking an antidepressant for depression or anxiety is linear; you begin taking medication, it starts working, and when you feel better, you simply stop taking it. However, the reality is more complex. Here, we map out the typical journey people experience on an antidepressant and explain a few ways to ensure you get the best care and results.

How Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Improves Mental Health

Every June, people parade through the streets, waving rainbow flags and coming together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. And while this year’s Pride Month was no exception, Pride extends well beyond the month of June. Here, we take a moment to recognize the relationship that Pride has, at every time of year, to mental health.

Pharmacogenomics: What it is and how it can improve mental health treatment

Many people find a medication plan that works for them by testing out different medications or dosages, each varying in effectiveness and possibly resulting in negative side effects. This process can be time-consuming and often frustrating. In recent years, many healthcare providers have begun using genetic testing to improve the process of prescribing medication.

Introducing Prairie Advisor Dr. Ronald Albucher, MD – Psychiatrist

We are glad to have Dr. Ronald Albucher as an advisor at Prairie Health. In his advisory role at Prairie, he leverages his years of working in student mental health to help guide the Prairie Team in providing quality care. We sat down with Dr. Albucher and asked him a few questions about his work.

Mental Health on the 2020 California Ballot

As a company whose goal is to improve mental healthcare for everyone, we highlight here the current need for better mental healthcare as well as specific propositions and measures related to mental health in our home state of California.