The Pros and Cons of Online Psychiatry

Now that telepsychiatry is more mainstream, people with mental health challenges are finding better access to care now that this choice exists. If you’re unsure about virtual health care, read onward to learn three pros and three cons of online psychiatry.

What To Know About Self-Injury

Here’s a shocking statistic: according to one study, upwards of 1 in 25 US adults have self-injured in some way. This number is even higher among teens and college students; researchers estimate that 17-35% of college students have self-injured in some way.

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How To Fight Loneliness and Improve Your Mental Health

One way you can improve your mental health is by taking action to decrease loneliness. Though meeting new people can be difficult in a pandemic, there are many ways to stay connected, such as reaching out to friends you’ve lost contact with or friends-of-friends on Facebook.