Testimonials: Fe’s Medication Journey

Before Prairie, I was struggling a lot. I was having frequent anxiety episodes and I wanted to cry every day. But now, I can’t remember the last time that was the case.

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What is clinical depression, and what does it look like?

As someone who has lived with clinical depression for almost a decade, I’ve learned a lot about what depression is, what it means to me, and how it looks in my day-to-day life. One of the most important things that’s helped me manage my clinical depression is to do research on what it is, why it’s different from other forms of depression, and what that means for me.

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The Importance of Medication in Coordination with Therapy

Medication is an important treatment for many different ailments, conditions and diseases that we all experience. It can improve quality of life, reduce or eliminate symptoms, maintain baselines, and many more important functions throughout our daily lives. As the stigma of mental health decreases, it becomes clearer how important it is to integrate mental health medication into a full medical treatment approach when appropriate.

Testimonials: Liz’s Mental Health Lessons

I could have very easily gotten stuck in a dark place because of the sadness and challenges of 2020. Joining Prairie and having the support of my Prairie care team has really helped me keep my head above water and not get buried.

Testimonials: Amber’s Healing Process

Quote from Prairie Member, Amber

In the midst of the pandemic, I was struggling with the quarantine and feeling isolated, so I decided to start looking for online mental healthcare. That’s when I saw an ad for Prairie Health.

How to Find a Good Therapist

Therapy is not a uniform experience. It is the intersection of science, art and relationship. A variety of therapy approaches exist—in fact, you are essentially choosing amongst different services. Here is some guidance for making a smart decision on what kind of therapist to choose.

What You Should Know About Panic Disorders

Panic attacks and Panic Disorder can make you feel lonely and isolated because you might think you are the only one who has experienced those feelings. Rest assured that you are not alone. There is help and most importantly, there is hope.

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