Introducing Prairie Advisor Dr. Ronald Albucher, MD – Psychiatrist

Prairie Advisor and Stanford Professor, Dr. Ronald Albucher

We are glad to have Dr. Ronald Albucher as an advisor at Prairie Health. In his advisory role at Prairie, he leverages his years of working in student mental health to help guide the Prairie Team in providing quality care. We sat down with Dr. Albucher and asked him a few questions about his work.

How We’re Building Better Mental Healthcare

Recovering from depression or anxiety is difficult. Unlike other illnesses, patients cannot be prescribed a miracle medication that immediately makes them feel better. To make matters worse, a majority of patients barely see their providers, making recovery unlikely.

Why I Co-Founded Prairie Health

TL;DR — I’m Benson, one of the co-founders of Prairie Health. As someone who struggled to seek psychiatric care, I’m proud to be a part of Prairie. We’re dedicated to making mental healthcare work for you by offering the kind of care that I wish I had.

Why We Include Pharmacogenomic Testing

One of the issues in psychiatry today is the lack of personalization. Physicians have historically used a “one size fits all” approach to prescribing medications, even though we know that women and minorities do not process antidepressants the same way as white men.