How do your genes relate to mental health medications?

(To learn more about the science behind genetic testing, read about the genes examined in your genetic test.)

Patients often encounter side effects when taking medications. In a recent randomized controlled trial, compared to the experimental group, 1.5 times as many patients in the control group had side effects that justified a chance in medication. (Click image for source)

How do doctors use genetic testing?

The contents of our Welcome Kit, which includes a saliva-based DNA collection tool in addition to more information about our service.

Genetic testing has clear benefits in psychiatry

Remedying the “trial and error” approach to psychiatry has been an active field of research for decades. Genetic testing is one way forward; by identifying the genetic variants in their patients, doctors are able to make more informed treatment decisions. This results in real benefits for patients. For psychiatry in particular, patients see greater reductions in their symptoms, lower healthcare costs, and fewer side effects. This is especially true for patients who have found their previous antidepressants to be intolerable or ineffective.

These benefits speak for themselves. That’s why we provide genetic tests to every one of our members, who are shipped DNA kits after meeting with a Care Partner. After the member sends their spit sample to our accredited partner lab, our psychiatrists receive a report to help guide treatment.

Ultimately, our number one priority is our members and their mental health. We give our members every evidence-based opportunity to get better, which includes using genetic testing to provide personalized treatment. It’s just one more way we’re making mental healthcare more effective.

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