Great care starts with a great care team.

Expect the best support when you work with expert psychiatrists and Care Partners

Care Team Overview

Two mental health professionals, dedicated to you.

When you join Prairie, you are matched with a dedicated Care Partner and psychiatrist. Together, they guide you on your path to feeling better.


Your psychiatrist through Prairie uses the results of your genetic test to prescribe treatment more likely to work for your body. We only work with board-certified psychiatrists, medical doctors who specialize in mental health conditions.

Care Partners

Your personal Care Partner acts as your primary touchpoint with Prairie. They listen and help however they can, from providing counseling and resources over text, to setting up your next appointment.

How Prairie's care team operates.

Your Care Partner provides counseling over text and video, coordinates care with your clinicians and answers any questions that come up.

Your psychiatrist designs your treatment plan based on your medical history & genetic test results. They will work with you to adjust your treatment over time as needed.

Match with your care team

What does a Care Partner do?


Care Partners track and work with you to meet your mental health goals. They also reach out from time to time to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re okay.


During counseling (optional), Care Partners will use evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Care Partners do not provide care meant to replace therapy.

Medication Support

Once prescribed, Care Partners can answer basic questions regarding your prescription or consult with your psychiatrist in between your visits.

Care Coordination

Care Partners can coordinate care with your other providers (like PCPs, OB-GYNs and therapists) so you can get the best care possible, even if it’s not with us.

Administrative Support

Care Partners can help you with any questions or issues that arise, from billing to completing your genetic test to getting a referral to a therapist.

Only work with the best:
board-certified psychiatrists.

Here’s how common mental health providers compare, based on where we operate.


  • Medical doctor

    (MD or DO)
  • 8+ years of training

    (After bachelor's)
  • Mental health specialists

  • Sometimes provide psychotherapy

  • Able to prescribe


  • Not a medical doctor

    (MD or DO)
  • 2~6 years of training

    (After bachelor's)
  • Mental health specialists

  • Able to provide psychotherapy

  • Not able to prescribe

Primary Care Providers
  • Sometimes a medical doctor

    (Sometimes MD or DO)
  • 2~7+ years of training

    (After bachelor's)
  • Not mental health specialists

  • Cannot provide psychotherapy

  • Able to prescribe

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Not a medical doctor

    (MD or DO)
  • 2+ years of training

    (After bachelor's)
  • Mental health specialists

  • Sometimes provide psychotherapy

  • Able to prescribe

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