Pharmacogenetic Testing With Prairie

What you should know

What is pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics (also called pharmacogenomics or PGx) is the study of how your genes affect your body's response to medication. Your genes play a direct role in how your body metabolizes medications, including psychiatric medications like antidepressants.

How Genetic Testing Helps

Avoid inappropriate medications

DNA testing highlights medications that may cause bad reactions. Doctors use this to make a more informed prescription.

Fewer drug side effects

DNA testing reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions like weight gain, nausea and loss of libido.

Genetic testing can help if you have:

 Considered starting a new medication

Take this next step confident that you and your provider are empowered to make better decisions about medication.

 Experienced strong medication side effects

Expect fewer side effects when your genetics inform your care.

 Tried medication without success

There’s still hope! Your DNA can help you find a better treatment plan.

Wondering if you'd benefit?

Some people are especially likely to benefit.
Take a free quiz to find out if you’re in one of those categories.

We follow guidelines from these respected groups

How do psychiatrists use your DNA test results?

 Make informed dosing decisions

 Predict effectiveness of a certain medication

 Rule out incongruent medications

 Completely eliminate risk of side effects

How It Works


Receive your test in the mail

We’ll send you the DNA test as part of your Welcome Kit after you sign up.


Collect and send your sample

Collect a swab sample and mail it to our lab for processing.


Get your treatment plan

Your doctor will incorporate your genetics report when prescribing.

We take your privacy seriously

We only use your genetic data for treatment purposes. Your results are 100% confidential. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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